Welcome to the Jungle (FR)

Welcome to the Jungle has partnered with Paradiso Media to create Welcome Originals, a slate of podcasts that unlock the secrets to a successful career — allowing Welcome to the Jungle to strengthen its brand message and assert itself as an expert on employment and human resources.

For Welcome To The Jungle, Paradiso designed and produced 7 original series:

  • A F*cking Good Idea: Inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs and creatives who share their experience about the origin and realization of a good idea
  • Make your own rules: A series that questions the norms of the workplace and proposes new solutions
  • I'm not a Superhero: Testimonials from public figures who speak candidly about their failures and how they used them to move forward
  • Team Player: A series featuring testimonies and expert opinions on how to strengthen your team and optimize teamwork
  • The laws of productivity: A short format show featuring comedian Sarah Donnelly, who gives practical advice on how to optimize your productivity every day at work
  • Chasing Serendipity: A 5-episode podcast that investigates serendipity — the serendipity we can stimulate every day to create and innovate
  • Let's Talk Cash: A series that lifts the taboos on money in the professional world

The podcasts are inspiring and entertaining, offering advice that is concretely applicable in the professional world. While integrating WTTJ's editorial voice into each podcast, Paradiso proposed a diverse slate of concepts and designed formats that are completely adaptable, if not essential, to audio (interviews, documentary investigation, humorous content, etc).

In the Let's Talk Cash series, which lifts the taboos on our relationship with money at work, Paradiso imagined comedic vignettes to introduce the various themes, before giving the floor to witnesses and experts on the subject. The episodes highlight entrepreneurs, employees, managers and experts. In "I'm a manager and I'm not comfortable with money,” "I'm 40 years old and I've already retired," or "I revealed my salary to my colleagues," the guests get real about cash!

For "The Laws of Productivity", a short format series featuring tips on how to be more productive, Paradiso partnered with highly qualified international talent to produce 8 episodes in English.

The result of this Welcome to the Jungle x Paradiso collaboration: 7 series, totalling 51 episodes. In short, about 20 hours of audio content to enrich your professional life!